Standard Terms & Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to all quotations and agreements whether verbal or written between Wallenborn and its customers, unless alternative pre-agreed conditions apply.
  2. Rates are in Euro (€) unless otherwise stipulated and exclusive of VAT (Value Added Tax) and any other taxes.
  3. Rates are excluding fuel surcharge, unless otherwise specified.
  4. Rates are subject to availability of vehicles at time of booking.
  5. All transport orders have to be confirmed in writing 24 hours prior to loading time unless otherwise agreed by Wallenborn in writing.
  6. Load weight must not exceed the maximum weight allowance within legal provisions.
  7. Rates are based on current ferry, shuttle, road toll, handling, labour, exchange rates and other costs. Rates may be modified in the event of unforeseen cost fluctuations.
  8. Rates to/from Italy are calculated based on routing via Switzerland, unless otherwise specified.
  9. Rates exclude customs formalities, T1 documentation, handling, warehouse charges, pallet exchange and dangerous goods checks.
  10. Shipments from/ to UK require customs documentation provided properly by customer. Wallenborn will charge an Admin Fee per Exit/ Entry/ Document.
  11. An additional surcharge of €800 can apply if any elements within the cargo or the packaging causes dirtiness to the trailer (such as but not limited to floor, wall or smell) during the transport or the loading / unloading process.
  12. The customer is responsible for the correct customs declaration in accordance with  all  current EU Community and national customs regulations. In case of customs irregularities due to incorrect declaration, Wallenborn reserves the right to pass on to the client any charges resulting therefrom (e.g. customs demands).
  13. Additional charges may apply to exceptional assignments. (e.g. two (2) drivers, time window bookings, specified routings etc.)
  14. For dangerous goods shipments a general surcharge is excluded. The customer is responsible for the complete and correct dangerous goods declaration in accordance with dangerous goods regulations. In case of incomplete or incorrect documentation, Wallenborn reserves the right to reject the shipment and pass on to the client any charges resulting therefrom.
  15. For all cargo loaded on truck with a value of above €1 million the customer must inform Wallenborn to ensure appropriate insurance coverage is provided. A surcharge may apply, unless otherwise specified.
  16. For high value cargo (HVTT - e.g. mobile phones, laptops, electronics, cigaretts) or cargo of special interest, Wallenborn has to be informed properly to ensure the correct trucking & security setup. As a result extra charges may apply, unless otherwise specified.
  17. Surcharge for temperature controlled transports (GDP or non GDP) is excluded, unless otherwise specified.
  18. Insurance and liability are governed by the stipulations of CMR (for shipments not covered by MAWB). Insurance coverage by the Montreal Conventions (for shipments covered by MAWB) needs to be explicitly agreed in writing before the transport.
  19. Orders cancelled prior to agreed loading time will be subject to cancellation fee.
  20. Rates include two (2) hours for loading and two (2) hours for unloading for Full Truck loads. One (1) hour is included for loading and one (1) hour included for unloading for Less-than Truck Loads. For any additional planned stop one (1) hour is included (e.g. customs/ documentation). An hourly waiting fee per started hour will apply after the free period.
  21. Proof of Deliveries (PODs) are available on request and will be provided as soon as practically possible.
  22. Charges Collect and Cash-On-Delivery shipments are not accepted.
  23. Errors and omissions excepted.
  24. All offers are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified.