Wallenborn's protective measures against Covid-19

The epidemic caused by the Covid 19 continues to spread worldwide and today counts a significant number of cases in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg, 17.03.2020

Protecting the health of our employees, as well as the employees of our clients, is a priority to Wallenborn. As so, we want to proactively share the measures we take to guarantee the smooth running of the services we offer while protecting all employees to a maximum during this challenging period.

The following measures and advice has been communicated to all our employees:


General prevention advice

·         Wash your hands regularly and dry your hands with a paper towel.

·         When coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue. Tissues to be thrown into a closed tin , immediately after use.

·         Do not touch your face (ears, nose, mouth).

·         Do not shake hands.

·         Avoid contact with people who are sick, especially with symptoms of an infection of the respiratory tract.

·         Be aware of the serious situation and your ‘social responsibility and discipline’.


When feeling sick:

·         Stay at home or go home.

·         Do not go out, call the special hotline 8002-8080.


Measures and advice for Wallenborn employees, effective immediately:

·         Try to keep 2-meters distance from another person.

·         Postpone internal and external meetings .

·         Working from home is highly recommended (while respecting our commitments regarding information security).

·         Non-essential business travel should be avoided/postponed, including between Wallenborn branches. Non-mandatory trainings and events need to be cancelled or postponed.

·         The entrance of non Wallenborn staff in our premises is not allowed.

·         The cleaning frequencies within the Wallenborn offices will be increased, with special focus on toilets, doors, stairs, and canteen.

·         We split the presence of staff in shifts.

·         The use of canteens will be minimized.

·         We provide extra protection to all our staff (truckdrivers and office employees) : masks, gloves, sanitizer gel.

·         Holiday destinations of staff are asked and evaluated on potential risk exposure after return.


Wallenborn has adjusted and upgraded its Business Continuity and Recovery Planning processes to be better prepared for the fast changing situation.