Wallenborn tests a fully electric terminal tractor

Can a fully electric terminal tractor perform as well as the current diesel tractors?


Luxembourg, 20.08.2019

Over the years Wallenborn has made continuous efforts to reduce its environmental impact. As a trucking company, this is particularly important. As part of this continued initiative, we are currently testing a fully electric terminal tractor at Luxembourg's Findel airport.

Terminal tractors are used for moving trailers within a cargo yard, warehouse facility, or intermodal facility. The advantage of using terminal tractors versus trucks to move the trailers from the docking stations to the parkings lies in the fact that it is easier and faster to connect the trailer. The automatic fifth wheel means articulated lorries can be hitched and lifted without drivers having to leave their seats. In addition, using pre-loaders optimises productivity in that the drivers can take their legal breaks during loading/unloading times.

At Wallenborn, terminal tractors are used exclusively by our pre-loaders, and operate 24/7/365. Approximately 100 trailers are loaded or unloaded every day in Luxembourg.

Advantages of a fully electric terminal tractor include very low noise levels compared with industrial and utility vehicles, and of course, they are more environmentally friendly. Traction capacity is the same as diesel powered ones, up to 44 tonnes.

Wallenborn currently operates 2 diesel run terminal tractors at Findel. Over the next few months several models of fully electric terminal tractors will be tested as potential replacements for the diesel powered vehicles. Luxair has been supporting the effort through the provision of charging facilities.