Wallenborn well placed with Milan hub

Wallenborn features in this week's Air Cargo Week Italy segment.


Luxembourg, 29.04.2019

As the main airport for southern Europe and a top 10 airport in Europe, it makes sense for Wallenborn to have its main Italian office at Milan Malpensa Airport.

Volumes may have fallen at Malpensa by 3.2% in 2018 but it remains the top airport in Italy, handling 55% of Italian cargo. Wallenborn saw volumes decline in line with the airport but after four years of growth and the general slowdown in the whole air cargo market, the Luxembourg-headquartered company is not worried about a slow year.

The company says: “For the coming year Wallenborn expects a recovery in the Italian cargo volumes due to growing e-commerce and an increasing number of flights to the US out of Italy. This is supported by infrastructure developments at Malpensa that will lead to increased capacity and further solidify the hub as a leading cargo airport."

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