Full speed ahead for Wallenborn

Wallenborn's Benelux services are highlighted in this week's Air Cargo Week magazine.


Luxembourg, 15.04.2019

The countries that make the Benelux – Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg – are some of the most diverse yet dynamic in airfreight. At the heart of the European Union, these small countries more than punch above their weight in airfreight. Air Cargo Week makes Benelux a focus this week.

"Across the Benelux region, business grew by 7.2% for Wallenborn with Belgium leading the way as airlines increasingly fly into Liege due to slot reductions in Amsterdam.

Frantz Wallenborn, president and CEO of the Luxembourg-headquartered transportation company, which provides extensive road feeder services to the air cargo industry tells Air Cargo Week that Belgium grew 55% with Liege Airport alone reporting 21.4% growth.

He says: “As a result of all this rapid growth, we adapted and registered numerous trucks in Belgium to help the local team meet the new needs of our customers. As expected, Schiphol dropped in volume a little, and Luxembourg remained more or less steady in terms of volumes.”

This year has got off to a good start, with rev-enue in Luxembourg up 5% and Belgium close behind at 4.6%, while the Neth-erlands was more modest at 1.3%. The rise in e-commerce is expected to further drive up vol-umes but there are still issues such as a lack of drivers and the never-ending Brexit uncertainty."

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