The Brexit conundrum - a CAAS article

Cargo Airports & Airline Services (CAAS) speaks with Wallenborn's Jason Breakwell for input on a "Brexit conundrum" story featured in their February-March 20219 edition of their magazine.


Luxembourg, 14.02.2019

"Air cargo players and the wider freight transport and logistics sector - and their customers - continue to face an unnerving level of uncertainty and planning challenges over the UK's planned departure from the European Union (EU) on 29 March."

"The major short-term fear of the freight industry and its customers is that a 'hard' or 'no-deal', cliff-edge UK exit from the EU will trigger the re-introduction of border controls, leading to massive tailbacks of trucks at Channel ports and bringing chaos to supply chains, especially those that rely on just-in-time production cycles and perishable goods."

"Wallenborn Transports is not expecting a hard Brexit and anticipates that potential problems will be ironed out during a transition period. But Breakwell says Wallenborn, like many other companies, is preparing for 'no-deal' - "not because we expect 'no-deal', but because there will be minimal disruption in all other scenarios"."

The article dives into topics including road feeder issues, contingency action plans, major concerns, border bottlenecks, no-deal Brexit, RFS clearances, and queues of trucks.

To read the full article click here. It can be found on pages on 6-14.


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