Modus operandi - an Air Logistics International article

Air Logistics International spoke to Wallenborn's Jason Breakwell about the intricacies of combining road, rail, marine and air transport.


Luxembourg, 03.12.2018

In it's December 2018 issue, Air Logistics International published an article entitled "Modus operandi" after speaking with Wallenborn's Commercial Director, Jason Breakwell.

"In an age of near-immediate fulfilment, how many people ever think about what goes on behind the scenes to ensure that a product arrives safely and on time? Multi-modal and inter-modal transport hold the key to much of today's global trade but companies such as Wallenborn, an expert in this area, typically remain the unsung heroes."

The article goes on to discuss multi-modal transport, the challenge of airfreight, and the fact that smarter solutions are required moving forward.

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