Wallenborn featured in Air Cargo Week

This week's Air Cargo Week magazine highlights temperature sensitive transport.


Luxembourg, 24.10.2017

Cool chain shipments are playing a big part in the better performance of air cargo as demand for perishables, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive goods continues, and positive development of the sector looks to be a certainty for the industry.

Page 12 of this week's Air Cargo Week magazine features a short write up on our view of this segment. We have seen continuous growth in demand for temperature controlled transportation since April 2017, and in May expanded our fleet with 12 new Bi-temperature trailers. We see high potential in this sector.

According to MarketsandMarkets the refrigerated road transport market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.67%, in terms of value, from 2017 to reach a projected value of USD 17.82
Billion by 2022. The European region is projected to have the largest and the fastest growing market share within this projection. Particularly the multi-temperature segment has the quickest growth when compared to single-temperature.

The advantage of our bi-temperature trailers for customers is that they can now benefit from cost savings in using only one truck, when in the past two trucks would have been required for the same transport. Simultaneously, this makes for more environmentally friendly transport. In addition, this service benefits the current trucking capacity situation on the market, with demand higher than ever before in Europe, and supply diminishing.

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