Farewell Haugsted, hello Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S

As of 1st October 2016, Haugsted Aircargo Services A/S officially became Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S.


Luxembourg, 03.10.2016

We are pleased to announce this important change in our organisation!

The name change is a result of our rebranding effort designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our organisation.

Incorporated all the way back in 1974, Haugsted was an institution in its own right, and saying goodbye after 42 years of history no doubt comes with mixed feelings for many. Haugsted has always had a clear reputation for quality, both in terms of their operations and their people. It was this quality, along with their strong customer base which made the company an attractive aqcuisition for Wallenborn. Haugsted also shared the same philosophy as Wallenborn and was geographically complementary in terms of its network, with offices in Kastrup and Billund. Since 2009 we gradually and smoothly integrated, and Haugsted Aircargo Services A/S has prospered as an important member of the Wallenborn Group.

Now it is time to take this next step. The re-branding effort is supported by renewed, and substantial, investment in Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S. This includes software development and a recent order for 25 new Tautliner trailers in Wallenborn colours, scheduled for delivery in the final quarter of this year.

Peter NygaardPeter Nygaard, Branch Manager, has been instrumental in leading this effort and guiding his team, customers, and partners through this transition. In his recent letter to clients and business associates he wrote:

"Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S brings forth a renewed commitment to all of our clients and relationships. As we further emerge into this exciting phase of growth, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank our loyal clients and business associates.  Without your ongoing support this exciting evolution of our company would not be possible, and Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S looks forward to a mutually positive and productive future with you."

Some key individuals in Peter's team who have also been crucial to a successful transition include Martin Knudsen, Operations Manager in Copenhagen, who spent 22 years with Haugsted, and Michael Skov, Operations Manager in Billund; Berith S. Jensen who leads the Administration & Invoicing departments, and has been with Haugsted over 14 years; and Kenneth Enevoldsen who led the technical side of the re-branding, and has been with Haugsted over 10 years.

Using one brand name is the best way to communicate that we are a seamless organisation with broad geographic reach. We also believe that marketing our services under one powerful brand with a long history of success around the world will result in even greater marketplace presence. We are excited about this new chapter within Wallenborn and look forward to serving our customers with continued, yet also renewed dedication.