Outsize Transportation

01-19 MRI scanner transport

MRI scanner transport from Luxembourg to London.


01-19 Engine transport

Engine transport at night.


11-18 Aircraft Engine Loading

T7000 loading in TLS.


09-18 Engine stand transport

Engine stand transport in Maastricht.


06 & 07-18 Arctic & Moroccan Adventures

Numerous engine transports to and from Morocco, including one pick up all the way up at the Arctic Circle in Bodø, Norway.


05-18 Engine transport from Vaasa in Finland to Stockholm

Wally braved the -21°C temperatures up in snowy Vaasa to load an engine outside early morning.


04-18 Helicopter transport from Trieste to Luxembourg


04-18 Boat loading in Southampton


03-18 Some creative photography by one of our drivers



11-17  Helicopter move from LUX to the Isle of Man


10-17  MRI scanner moving from US via LUX to UK


10-17  330 cm wide display for flight simulator 


09-17  Wallenborn truck and Airbus A340 in hangar (for engine loading)


08-17  22 ton, 292 cm wide Gearbox for a windmill moving from Germany to China via LUX under curtain as secured cargo


08-17  Aircraft engine loading


05-17  Engine moving from LUX to Prestwick Scotland


04-17   Engine (powering the A380) moving from LUX to UK


02-17   18 ton mould moving to Sheffield


02-17   3.3m wide machinery moving from Switzerland to Mexico, via Luxembourg


02-17   3.4m wide Nose Cowl on it's way to Belfast



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