Outsize Transportation

01-21 Ultra Low Loader

Transport of a Rolls Royce Trent 1000 Aircraft Engine with our new Ultra Low Loader trailer. This trailer is capable to transport tall, wide and long cargo. The bed of the trailer platform is only 30 cm. 


06-20 Glider Transport

Our Aerospace team recently completed end-to-end logistics on a transport of a glider from Switzerland to Luxembourg including arranging all customs formalities in Switzerland and Luxembourg in cooperation with its partners and storage of the glider at our secure warehouse


05-20 The longest trip in Wallenborn's history

A CFM-56 7B26 aircraft engine moving from Milas MuÄŸla (Turkey) to SVG. And a second one, going from Sandnes (Norway) to IST.

Due to the current pandemic situation our truck was disinfected at the Bulgarian / Turkish border.


05-20 Containers

Transporting containers from The Netherlands to Switzerland


01-20 Engine to Tunisia

Wallenborns first aero engine transport to Tunisia.


09-19 Engine loading

Trent 1000 loading in LGG.


08-19 Aircraft engine transport

Transporting a CF6-80C2 aircraft engine going from Morocco to Taiwan.


08-19 Crane piece

Loading a 24.2 ton part of a crane in FRA for a trip up to Scotland.


07-19 3m wide crates

3m wide crates loaded by crane going from Spain to Luxembourg.


07-19 Bus Chassis

Transporting a bus chassis from Sweden to China, via Luxembourg, loaded by winch on a Semi Low Loader with hydraulic ramps.


06-19 Oil well equipment

Transporting an 18 ton piece of oil well equipment from LUX to LGG.


06-19 Multiple engines transport

Engine loading Airside Brussels.


02-19 Engine transport

Transporting a Trent 1000 from LHR to LGG on its way to Addis Ababa.


01-19 MRI scanner transport

MRI scanner transport from Luxembourg to London.


01-19 Engine transport

Engine transport at night.


11-18 Aircraft Engine Loading

T7000 loading in TLS.


09-18 Engine stand transport

Engine stand transport in Maastricht.


06 & 07-18 Arctic & Moroccan Adventures

Numerous engine transports to and from Morocco, including one pick up all the way up at the Arctic Circle in Bodø, Norway.


05-18 Engine transport from Vaasa in Finland to Stockholm

Wally braved the -21°C temperatures up in snowy Vaasa to load an engine outside early morning.


04-18 Helicopter transport from Trieste to Luxembourg


04-18 Boat loading in Southampton


03-18 Some creative photography by one of our drivers



11-17  Helicopter move from LUX to the Isle of Man


10-17  MRI scanner moving from US via LUX to UK


10-17  330 cm wide display for flight simulator 


09-17  Wallenborn truck and Airbus A340 in hangar (for engine loading)


08-17  22 ton, 292 cm wide Gearbox for a windmill moving from Germany to China via LUX under curtain as secured cargo


08-17  Aircraft engine loading


05-17  Engine moving from LUX to Prestwick Scotland


04-17   Engine (powering the A380) moving from LUX to UK


02-17   18 ton mould moving to Sheffield


02-17   3.3m wide machinery moving from Switzerland to Mexico, via Luxembourg


02-17   3.4m wide Nose Cowl on it's way to Belfast



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