New Assets & Fleet Images

07-19 Ten new Temperature controlled trailers for Scandinavia

Wallenborn Scandinavia grows its 'cool' fleet by taking delivery of 10 new Standard Reefer trailers.


06-19 Custom Outsize trailer with hydraulic lifting mechanism

Wallenborn takes delivery of a second customised Outsize trailer with powered rollerbed equipped with a Hydraroll system, but this one has a hydraulic lifting mechanism too.


05-19 Some U.A.E. fleet images

Some of our U.A.E. fleet with partners Kuehne + Nagel and Panalpina.


03-19 New trucks expand our Belgian Fleet

Our new Belgian trucks receive their personalised truck registrations #weloveWally.


09-18 Delivery of a new trailer with powered rollerbed equipped with a Hydraroll system

Our new custom built trailer is considered a mega flatbed engine carrier equipped with a Hydraroll powered rollerbed and winch enabling us to transport any kind of aircraft engine that requires loading/offloading with a powered rollerbed (Trent Engine Series).


07-18 Nice little photo shoot in Norway by one of our Drivers



06-17 New trucks & trailers arrive


04-17 Wallenborn takes delivery of 12 new bi-temperature trailers


12-16 Wallenborn Scandinavia A/S takes delivery of 25 new trailers


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